Balancing the story on FASD: 10 FASD research papers released today in the Journal of FASD

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We are extremely excited to announce our new special issue published today in the Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (JFASD).

This issue includes ten research articles written by members of the CanFASD Network. The papers are written on various topics ranging from portrayals of alcohol use during pregnancy on TV to important considerations for collaborative research on FASD and much more.

Balancing the story of FASD in research

“We believe that by featuring the diverse voices within the FASD community, this collection of articles will advance knowledge in a strengths-based and human-centred way.”

-Kelly D. Harding & Jacqueline Pei

The goal of this issue is to balance the story of FASD in research. Since being first formally recognized in the 1960s, the field of FASD has come a long way. Research is constantly evolving, and researchers, families, and communities are pushing for a shift towards making sure we recognize the complexities of this disability within the context of the strength and resiliency of those impacted.

When we use a balanced, strengths-based perspective, we can bring more voices into the research conversation. The knowledge and experiences of individuals, families, and communities only enhance that of researchers and service providers.

Collaboration is essential

“The stories to be told, and the successes to be achieved, will be the product of the weaving together of these sources of knowledge.”

-Kelly D. Harding & Jacqueline Pei

This work is a collaboration that includes the diverse voices of researchers, service providers, professionals, and advocates with lived experience. It includes contributions from CanFASD staff, Research Leads, Family Advisory Committee (FAC) members, Adult FASD Expert Collaboration Team (AFECT) members, Trainees, board members, and community partners and collaborators.

The articles fall under three broad themes: FASD challenges, solutions, and evolving understandings and approaches. All of the research papers in this journal are available open access, meaning they are free for anyone to read.

Special issue includes ten papers

“Our hope is that readers will take from this special issue that it is not about doing one type of work but rather all work with a sense of the desired and intentional impact.”

-Kelly D. Harding & Jacqueline Pei

Here are the papers available in this special issue:

  1. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: The Importance of Adopting a Standard Definition in Canada
    Kelly Harding, Andrew Wrath, Katherine Flannigan, Kathy Unsworth, Audrey McFarlane, Jacqueline Pei
  2. Nothing About Us Without Us: Essential Considerations for Collaborative FASD Research
    Dorothy Reid, Lisa Brownstone, Michelle Stewart, Niall Schofield, Robyn Pitawanakwat
  3. At a Juncture: Exploring Patterns and Trends in FASD Prevention Research from 2015-2021 Using the Four-Part Model of Prevention
    Lindsay Wolfson, Nancy Poole, Kelly Harding, Julie Stinson
  4. Toward Effective Identification of FASD: Considerations for Enhancing Evidence-Based Screening Within an Implementation Science Framework
    Kaitlyn McLachlan, Bianka Dunleavy, Melissa Grubb
  5. Psychotropic Medication Usage in Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and Psychiatric Co-Morbidities in Canada
    Andrew Wrath, Mansfield Mela, Thuy Le, Michael Durr, Andrea DesRoches, Shawn Nomani, Tara Anderson, Kathy Unsworth, Jocelynn Cook
  6. An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis of Canadian Child Advocate Reviews of Infants, Children and Youth with Prenatal Substance Exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Child Welfare Care
    Dorothy Badry, Lenora Marcellus, Peter Choate
  7. Longitudinal Evaluation of Mathematics Achievement in Children and Adolescents with FASD
    Kathleen Kennedy, Jacqueline Pei, Gail Andrew, Carmen Rasmussen
  8. “You don’t want to drink? What are you, pregnant?!”: Portrayals of Alcohol and Substance Use During Pregnancy on Television
    Kelly Harding, Alexandre Dionne, Eric Harding
  9. What If? Incorporating the Voices of Those with Lived Experience to Change the Focus of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research
    Dorothy Reid, Wanda Beland, Lauren Richardson, Katherine Flannigan
  10. Towards Healthy Outcomes for Individuals with FASD: A Philosophy and Approach to Intervention
    Vannesa Joly, Kelly Harding, Jacqueline Pei

Read the full special issue here!

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