Guest Blogger: Roxanne Hughes and the FASD Collaboration Roundtable

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Today’s post is a contribution from Roxanne Hughes, MSW, RSW who has been an FASD Key Worker with Pacific Community Resources Society for the past 12 years. She provides individualized and group supports to families who are parenting youth who have FASD or similar neurodevelopmental disorders.  Roxanne offers training to a broad range of community partners specific to brain-based disabilities. … Read More

FASD and Victimization

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A lot of the discussions about FASD in the justice system mention that people with FASD have trouble as offenders. However, it is important to know that they may also be over-represented as witnesses and victims of crime. Many of the issues that come with FASD increase a person’s vulnerability, but very little attention is paid to the complexities of … Read More

Yukon FASD Prevention Campaign Wins Design Award

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Congratulations to the Yukon Government, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon, and Child Development Centre on their award-winning FASD prevention campaign! The campaign was launched by the Yukon FASD Interagency Advisory Committee in collaboration with Aasman Brand Communications, and has been recognized by the design world, winning a Summit Creative Award. The Summit International Awards (SIA) is the oldest and most prestigious … Read More

The National FASD Database

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“This is the first time that Canada has had enough data to begin to really understand our FASD population – we have relied on data from other countries in the past.  Now we can see what the clinical profiles are for our own population affected by prenatal alcohol exposure, what their service needs are, and where and how we can … Read More

Announcement: Applications for the 2019 Dr. Sterling Clarren Research Award

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CanFASD is pleased to announce that applications for the 2019 Dr. Sterling Clarren Research Award are now open! The CanFASD Sterling Clarren Research Award has been named in honour of Dr. Sterling Clarren to recognize his pioneering contribution and leadership in the field of FASD. The award is presented annually to a Canadian student or early career researcher in recognition … Read More

Cannabis Use During Pregnancy: is it Safe?

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The Government of Canada plans to legalize cannabis on October 17, 2018, which will allow Canadians over the age of 18 to possess and use the drug legally. But this decision does not mean that cannabis use is safe. Research shows that cannabis can impair a person’s concentration, memory, judgement, and reaction time, and cause tiredness, confusion, panic, fear, and … Read More