The FASD Landscape: New Pathways and Research: The keynote panel at the 2017 National FASD Conference in Calgary featured table discussions on research areas of interest and areas that may need more attention, hosted by three FASD research experts, Dr. Mansfield Mela, Dr. Jocelynn Cook and Dr. Dorothy Badry, and by Simon Laplante, Co-chair of the CanFASD Family Advisory Committee. Transcriptions of the participant notes are available for download.

Learning Together — In partnership with the Family Advisory Committee, CanFASD hosted a unique workshop in August 2016 entitled FASD Research: Learning Together. This event brought together caregivers of people with FASD, individuals with FASD, and FASD researchers for two days of discussion around FASD research in Canada, with the goal of sharing and discussing new knowledge related to FASD prevention, diagnosis, and intervention, and engage in multi-directional conversation to identify emerging issues that may guide future research directions.

Inventory of Alberta-based FASD Research and Evaluation activities — An inventory of Alberta‐based FASD research and evaluation covering all four pillars: basic, clinical, population, and health services. For new content please contact