Strategies for individuals with FASD — If you have been diagnosed with FASD, you need to know that it is okay to talk about it. This page will help you better understand how the brain works and how you can deal with everyday challenges.

Keira Knowlton: Living with FASD — In this two-minute video, Kiera Knowlton, a young woman with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), discusses FASD and some of the ways it can affect individuals who have this disorder. — is an interactive website that provides information across the spectrum and lifespan of individuals who have FASD. It summarizes some of the common neurobehavioral features from current research and explains some of the neurobehavioral difficulties. Not all individuals with FASD will experience all of the issues presented.

Forgetful Frankie, The World’s Greatest Rock Skipper — Forgetful Frankie has FASD. Frankie creates a wonderful world full of fun and forgets about the rules and consequences. He shares the challenges and joys of living with FASD. Join Frankie as he brings you along on his exciting journey.

The Best I can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects — This is an inspirational book about adoption. It includes in depth search tips for birth family. It is about reunion, loneliness, addiction, unconditional love…and fetal alcohol syndrome. This book is the author’s story of her journey as she discovers what makes her who she is. She has tenacity as she relentlessly searches for her birth family. What she discovers is beyond what she expected.

So you have been diagnosed with FASD. Now What?’ — The goal of this handbook is to help young people, like you, learn more about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). It also offers strategies that you can use to better understand yourself, improve your relationships, manage your feelings, do better in school and live a healthy life.

Myles Himmelreich — Finding Purpose: Myles Himmelreich is a well known motivational speaker successfully living with FASD. His goal is to bring awareness, acceptance and a true understanding of living with a disability to his audiences.

More Than a Label — Myles talks about the various labels he was given throughout his life time and how he is much more than a label.

LCFASD Resources — Lakeland Centre for FASD bookstore

Videos and Mini Documentaries About FASD — From the Manitoba FASD Coalition, the Looking After Each Other project is developing a series of mini documentaries to showcase how communities, services, systems, and other initiatives can creatively support the success of those impacted by FASD and the women who have used alcohol during pregnancy. Each person has their own story involving challenges and successes. The series focuses on examples of how taking time to understand an individual’s story can truly make a positive difference.

Peer Mentorship & Consultation — The Asante Centre offers peer mentorship and consultation services provided by consultants with FASD who have training in mentorship, advocacy, and leadership, creating opportunities for children, youth, and adults with FASD or other developmental diversities to get to know each other, build life and leadership skills, come to a positive self-identity, and teach the world. Available in the Surrey (Metro Vancouver) area. Due to COVID-19, the Asante Centre has moved to a virtual model. Please email for more information.

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps people with prolonged disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay.

DTC Frequently Asked Questions
DTC Application Guide for Physicians
DTC Letter Template for Physicians
DTC: General Information
Tips for paediatricians completing the DTC Form

When You are Asked to Take Part in Research: Information for People with FASD — Information on what you can expect and ask for when you are deciding if you want to take part in the research.