Strengths Among Individuals with FASD

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Although research and education on the challenges faced by individuals with FASD is important in order to provide resources and supports, it is equally important to talk about the strengths of these individuals. Earlier this fall, we released an issue paper that discusses the current research that does exist in the area of FASD strengths, gaps in research that need … Read More

New Research Assistant: Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah

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CanFASD would like to welcome Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah to the team! Vichy has joined us as our newest member to help with a review of the National Alcohol Strategy’s information about FASD. Vichy, originally coming from Sri Lanka, is a child health researcher at the University of Manitoba and a Freelance Medical Writer. Vichy completed her PhD in Medical Epigenetics and … Read More

Conference Highlights from Learning, and Growing: Imagining the Future of Jordan’s Principle

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Lindsay Wolfson, MPH Lindsay is a Research Coordinator at the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and a consultant at the Canada FASD Research Network. She holds a Master of Public Health, Social Inequities and Health, from Simon Fraser University. Lindsay is responsible for research and collaboration on projects relating to the operationalization of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, fetal … Read More

FASD and the Criminal Justice System

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Many individuals with FASD face challenges with the justice system and there is growing interest in how to shape justice approaches, treatment, and policy to better support these individuals. However, there is relatively little research in this area. CanFASD researchers recently published a systematic review of the literature on criminal justice system (CJS) involvement among individuals with FASD. The review … Read More

Article Summary: Primary Care of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are a set of disorders that cause challenges in general cognitive functioning and adaptive abilities, such as problem-solving, learning, reasoning, and social and practical skills. Signs of IDD appear before the age of 18, can differ in severity and complexity for different people, and may change across the lifespan. IDD is a general term that … Read More

FASD in Special Populations

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Earlier this week, we posted about the rates of FASD in the general population. Women drink during pregnancy for many reasons, and some of the factors that might increase the risk of having a child with FASD include a woman’s nutrition, socioeconomic status, experience of depression, other substance use, and social connections. These factors can affect women from any age … Read More

How Common is FASD?

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The question of how many people have FASD is commonly asked of researchers and service providers. This question is important for understanding the full scale of the issue in our communities, providing consistent statistics to policy makers, and for making decisions about where to target funding, resources, and services. Rates of FASD are very difficult to measure because the disability … Read More

Article Summary: Experiences of living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative data

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There is limited research on caregivers’ experiences of raising children with FASD, and even fewer studies that focus on the lived experiences of individuals with FASD. Providing these individuals with opportunities to voice their perspectives on how they manage the challenges of daily life is important for understanding disability, and ultimately for improving supports and quality of life for individuals … Read More

Article Summary: Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD: Clinical Considerations (2010)

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Sleep issues in FASD have not received much attention in the research world. Problems with sleep for people with FASD may begin in early infancy and often persist into adulthood. Authors: James E. Jan, Kwadwo O. Asante, Julianne L. Conry, Diane K. Fast, Martin C. O. Bax, Osman S. Ipsiroglu, Elizabeth Bredberg, Christine A. Loock, and Michael B. Wasdell Journal: … Read More