Happy FASD Awareness Month!

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Today is September 1st which means it is officially Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Month!

FASD is one of the leading neurodevelopmental disabilities in Canada, impacting 1.5 million Canadians. However, FASD is not well understood or recognized by the majority of the population. Help us raise awareness of FASD in Canada and around the world.


Whether you’re an expert on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) or you’re just hearing about this disability for the first time, there is always more to learn. Take some time this month to learn something new about FASD.


Share what you learn about FASD with your friends, family members, and co-workers. If you’re an individual with FASD or caregiver of someone with FASD, tell others about your story to raise awareness about what #FASDis. We have some media packages you can download to help spread the word. Don’t forget to tag @CanFASD on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and use the hashtags #FASDMonth #FASDis.

Connect with your candidates

This year, FASD Month also happens to coincide with the 44th federal election in Canada. Help improve awareness of FASD in government by connecting with your local candidates. Ask them how they plan to address FASD in Canada and if they will support a National FASD Strategy.


September 5th also happens to be the International Day of Charity. It is celebrated annually to recognize the role charity has improving our lives through the efforts of charitable organizations and individuals. This year, in celebration of FASD Month consider donating to an FASD-specific charity of your choice.

CanFASD is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity in Canada. As one of Canada’s recognized charities, we conduct research, host events, develop resources for the community, and most importantly, we advocate for change and for increase support for FASD in Canada.

If you’re unable to financially support, sharing information and resources from an organization or encouraging other people to donate or make a purchase are great alternatives!


Thank you for all you’re doing to help raise awareness of FASD in Canada! Happy FASD Awareness Month!

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