Announcing the Winner of the 2023 Art Competition!

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We are delighted to announce the winner of our eighth art competition – an annual initiative run by CanFASD to showcase and celebrate the creativity of Canadians with FASD. 

Since October, we have received an incredible selection of submissions – this included art of all kinds such as paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs – from across the country. The winner will be awarded a prize and their artwork will be used in the CanFASD holiday cards. 

We were very impressed with all our submissions so it was not easy to pick our winner but we are thrilled to present this magical painting. 

First place: Mikayla Braganca 

Painting of a winter holiday scene - ice skating rink surrounded by snow covered pine trees at night time with a cabin in the background.

The winner of our competition is Mikayla Braganca, a 17-year-old from Ontario with dreams of becoming an interior designer. Her painting was inspired by her love for ice skating and the cabin in the woods she thinks of when dreaming of the holiday season. 

“I’m currently in grade 12 attending online school. After I graduate my dream is to get my Bachelors degree of design in order to become an interior designer internationally I will be one of the best, I want to design homes in Venice, Italy by the canal.” – Mikayla Braganca 

Runners up 

Rylan Goulet 

Painting of snowy mountains with body of water in the foreground

Rylan Goulet is 16, he made this piece at his secondary school where he spends a lot of his time making art. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my son’s art.” Rylan’s Father 

Julia Papadatos 

Painting of a whale swimming

Julia Papadatos is 21 years old and lives in Calgary. 

“I love animals and volunteer at the Calgary Humane Society and the zoo. I have a pet cat named Luna and although life can be hard sometimes, I know if we push through it will be worth it. There can be obstacles in our way, but we need to keep going, to keep pushing forward. Our journey can inspire others“ – Julia Papadatos 

Russell Hawkeye Mason 

Drawing of a moose in the mountains, looking at the moon

Thank you to every artist who entered this year’s CanFASD Art Competition. You can view all of our past winners here. Keep up the great work! 

With December just a few days away, we would like to wish our members and supporters a happy and restful holiday season. Unlike previous years, we won’t be doing the 12 Days of Mocktails campaign but you can still access our recipe archive online.  

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