What’s happening for FASD awareness internationally?

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This Friday September 9th is International FASD Awareness Day! Throughout the month of September, events are held across Canada and around the world in recognition of FASD Day. With FASD Month underway, we thought why not take a look at what’s going on internationally for FASD!

FASD Around the Globe

Today at 2:30 eastern time, Elucidate Training is hosting a webinar featuring delegates from FASD organizations around the world. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the being done in Australia, Ireland, Spain, the UK, South Africa, the United States, and Canada. Learn more.

NOFASD Australia

The National Organization for FASD Australia has prepared FASD Awareness Month packs that are available to anyone who would like to host an event and help raise awareness this September. They are hosting a photo competition with a twist on the traditional red shoes to get people (and their pets) involved in FASD Awareness. Learn more.

National Organization for FASD UK

This organization is posting daily prompts for advocacy and awareness to encourage community members to get involved. They are sharing information for people with FASD, family members, media, service providers, and more. Learn more.

FARR South Africa

In honour of FASD Awareness Day, The Foundation for Alcohol Related Research is hosting a Knit-A-Thon campaign. The goal of their campaign is to give a token of love and warmth to the mothers in their Healthy Mother Healthy Baby program by gifting their babies a knitted jersey. Learn more.

Visual TEAF Spain

TEAF Spain is also organizing the lighting of red monuments and landmarks across Spain, similar to the ones that will be lit up across Canada! Learn more.

Don’t forget to check out the Canadian Landmarks lighting up red for FASD Awareness Day! There are now 30 locations on the list! 

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