Successful Launch of CanFASD’s Pilot Trainee Program

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This year, CanFASD launched and piloted an exciting new program for students and early career researchers and professionals in Canada working in the field of FASD. Beginning in January 2022, 8 trainees were invited to take part in this pilot program. Nominated by CanFASD Research Leads and Associates, the Trainees represent a pan-Canadian group of interested students and research support staff from a wide range of disciplines and levels of training.

The goals of this program are to build research capacity in the field of FASD, foster mentorship, networking, and collaboration among Trainees and leading Canadian researchers, and to encourage the next generation of up-and-coming FASD researchers to self-identify with the field of FASD. Our Trainees attend monthly group meetings focused on a variety of topics, such as communication strategies for different stakeholders, navigating challenges in the field of FASD research, and engaging with individuals with lived experience. They also had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with CanFASD researchers. This program offers something for everyone, but truly centres on the power of relationships and connection to inspire and motivate the next generation of researchers.

As part of this program, our Trainees have the opportunity to profile their work to the CanFASD Network through blog posts, newsletter updates, and public presentations. Check out our amazing group of Trainees at their upcoming webinar presentations – Emerging Research in Action: CanFASD Trainee Webinar Series – taking place on Friday May 27th and Friday June 3rd and stay tuned for some of their blog updates later this year!

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