FASD and the 2021 Federal Election

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The federal election is fast approaching and candidates are campaigning for your vote. There are many social, political, and environmental issues that are currently impacting Canada and it can be difficult to choose the right candidate.

Individuals with disabilities have been disproportionately represented by the government for many years, especially those with FASD. As a result, many individuals experience adverse experiences that can impact their life outcomes. FASD is a topic that should be of concern for decision makers, citizens, and politicians across the country, but we have yet to see Canada make a national commitment to improve FASD intervention, prevention, and diagnostic initiatives across the country.

FASD is not just a health issue. Rather, it is a social issue that requires a multi-disciplinary solution that takes all aspects of the disability into consideration. In order to fully support individuals with FASD, their support systems, and couples who are pregnant or parenting, a national strategy is needed. That’s why we’re calling on party leaders to commit to developing a National FASD Strategy. This strategy would be developed in collaboration with various organizations, levels of government, individuals with FASD, their caregivers, and researcher leads across Canada and identify the best solutions to improve FASD prevention, diagnosis, and intervention efforts across the country.

Although you may think you can’t make a difference, your voice really matters! Encourage your candidates to support a National FASD Strategy and vote for the candidate you believe will best represent your values and opinions this election. Election day is September 20th, 2021 and we encourage all of you who are of age to get out to the polls. Here are a few ways you can vote this year:

  • Vote on election day (Monday September 20th) at your assigned polling station
  • Vote on advance polling days (September 10th -13th) at your local assigned polling station
  • Vote by mail – to do this, you have to apply online or at an Elections Canada office before Tuesday September 14th
  • Vote at any Elections Canada office before Tuesday September 14th

If you need help to vote, there are accessible voting options available! You can ask for services like:

  • A support person to help mark your ballot
  • Help proving your identity
  • Large print lists of candidates
  • Large grip pencils

Visit the Elections Canada website to learn more or call Elections Canada at us at 1-800-463-6868 or 1-800-361-8935.

Check out our elections page for more information!

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