New Webinar: #WineMoms

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Register now for our newest webinar on Wednesday July 28th at 1:00pm eastern time. The webinar, #WineMom: Humour and empowerment or binge drinking and mental health challenges? will discuss the ‘wine mom’ culture and how alcohol is used to subvert the idea of perfection in motherhood on social media. The webinar will follow a panel discussion hosted by Ana Andrade from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, with co-presenters Dr. Kelly Harding and Lisa Whittingham.  

The term ‘wine mom’ and the culture behind it has grown in recent years as mothers have begun sharing their experiences online on various social networking platforms. This growth has further highlighted the roles that systematic and social structures play regarding alcohol in a women’s life. With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) being one of the most common developmental disabilities, this panel will identify how the ‘wine mom’ culture relates to FASD and the importance of prevention.  

After the webinar, attendees should be able to:  

  • Understand the role that social media plays in women’s alcohol consumption, particularly as part of the ‘wine mom’ culture 
  • Recognize the dichotomy of ‘wine mom’ culture between support for women and women’s mental health and substance use challenges 
  • Identify how ‘wine mom’ culture relates to the FASD prevention approaches, understanding motherhood as a supportive movement to help women reduce or stop their alcohol use. 

Be sure to register now to attend!  

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