Statement on the passing of Dr. Ted Rosales

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We were greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Ted Rosales, MD, FRCPC, O.N.L. who died in St. John’s, NL on May 20, 2024, aged 84.  

Throughout his career, Dr. Rosales was a leader in the field of FASD and made significant contributions to FASD research and treatment. His commitment to improving the lives of those with FASD has left a lasting impact on our community.  

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends during this difficult time. CanFASD is truly grateful for Dr. Rosales’ leadership and many years of advocacy and practice in Canada.  He will be missed.  

Remembering Dr. Ted Rosales  

CanFASD’s Executive Director, Audrey McFarlane, paid tribute to Dr. Ted Rosales by describing him as “a fierce advocate for people with FASD and a focus on making things simple and practical for families.  Without his direction and advocacy, I am not sure we would have made FASD the language for a diagnosis in Canada.”  

Dr. Jocelynn Cook, CanFASD’s Senior Research Lead, said: ”Dr. Rosales was a gift to all of us working in the field of FASD.  He was adamant about developing guidelines for diagnosis and insisted that we “be brave:” in our gold-standards for diagnosis and practice.  I will miss his stories and his commitment; Ted was a remarkable member of our field.” 

A remarkable career  

Dr. Rosales was born in the Philippines, studied Medicine at the University of the Philippines in Manila. He moved to Canada in the 1960s where his career in medicine spanned over 50 years. 

Dr. Rosales was part of the development of the Canadian FASD Diagnostic Guidelines for 2005 and again for 2016.  He was a champion for families and children with FASD, and one of the first physicians in Canada to make a diagnosis of FASD.   

Throughout his life, Dr. Rosales also advocated for FASD prevention and education surrounding alcohol and pregnancy. As described by fasdNL, he “championed FASD work in Newfoundland and Labrador when it was still virtually unheard of”.  

His legacy will continue to inspire us all as we strive to carry on his important work in the FASD field. Please join us in remembering and honoring the remarkable life and contributions of Dr. Ted Rosales. 

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