Research Opportunity for People with Lived Experience

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A research team out of the University of Calgary is looking for people with FASD and people close to someone with FASD to join their advisory board! Trigger warning: Post is related to suicidality.

What is the project about?

The researchers want to know how healthcare professionals can recognize and support people with FASD who experience suicidality. What is helpful for people without FASD experiencing suicidality may not be helpful for people with FASD.

Who can join?

They are looking for people with FASD and people close to someone with FASD (e.g., caregivers, family members) who are willing to share their experiences related to what supports were helpful when they or their loved one was experiencing suicidality. Advisory board members must be located in Canada and have access to technology to join virtual meetings.

What is involved?

Being part of the advisory board will take about 1-2 hours of your time each month for the next 5 months (until around November 2023). You will be invited to join group discussions about the topic on Zoom (e.g., What is important for them to know about suicide in people with FASD? How can they clearly ask people our questions?) and provide feedback about study materials over email. Advisory board members will be reimbursed for their involvement.

Interested in being involved? Please email

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