Board Member, Tim Moorhouse, retires

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Tim Moorhouse, looks directly at the camera and gives a small smile.After eleven years with CanFASD, Tim Moorhouse is stepping down from the Board of Directors this, having completing his terms with the Board. Tim started on the CanFASD Board of Directors in 2012 as a founding member and has been an integral part of the organization since that time.

Tim has a background in education, public administration, and community and organizational development. In his early career, Tim spent 22 years with the City of Edmonton in the Parks and Recreation Community Services Department and then moved to the Government of Alberta, holding a number of different positions in his tenure. It was during his time with the Alberta Government that Tim became engaged with FASD, both in the province and with the Canada Northwest FASD Partnership. He led the Provincial Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Strategic Plan and the development and implementation of a provincial system of parenting resources called the Parent Link Centres.

Tim joined the CanFASD Board of Directors in 2012 and held the position of Board Chair from 2014 to 2021. Tim has brought so much to the organization; it is hard to identify and share some of the most important. However, here are some of the notable contributions Tim has made during his time:

  • Lead three CanFASD through three strategic plans over the years;
  • Liaised with leadership within the Northwest Partnership jurisdictions during times of transition and growth;
  • Hired Audrey McFarlane, CanFASD’s current Executive Director
  • Transitioned the Board from an operational to governance;
  • Supported the establishment of the Alumni, Ambassadors, and AFECT committees;
  • Provided leadership for many policies and procedures, including the Network’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation report; and
  • Provided leadership at various political and senior government administrative tables.

In honour of Tim’s hard work and dedication as a member of the Board of Directors, other Board Members have shared some of Tim’s greatest achievements and notable memories.

Tim played a major role in transitioning the Board from operational to governance. Maybe that sounds boring, but it is really a remarkable piece of work that the board undertook… His caring nature and support for the entire CanFASD family has been amazing.

~ Darren Joslin, Board of Directors

When I became a member of the Board of Directors, I had the privilege of watching and learning from Tim how to manage a Governance Board. He has led us through 3 Strategic Planning Exercises which have strengthened the Network immensely in my opinion… He is universally respected by all that come in contact with him including Family Advisory Committee members, Research leads, Staff, Board members as well as Policy and Government officials.

~ Alan Bocking, Board of Directors

Tim has brought so much wisdom and light to CanFASD and his presence on the Board be sorely missed. From everyone at CanFASD, we thank Tim for all his hard work and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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