CanFASD’s 2022-2023 Annual Report

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We are pleased to announce that the CanFASD 2022/2023 Annual Report is now available to view!

Conducting Research

This past year has been full of exciting, and meaningful progress in the FASD community! The CanFASD Network, with help from our partners, published 30 articles, 13 technical reports, 9 book chapters, and participated in almost 100 presentations and interviews. Our team also worked on 37 different research projects!

We also published a special issue in the Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, comprised of 10 papers exploring various topics related to FASD.

Sharing Evidence

Continuing to fulfill our mission of educating and raising awareness, we hosted 11 public webinars with over 900 attendees last year. We also released 2 new online courses, Substance Use and Treatment in FASD and FASD for Community and Social Service Professionals. With our 9 courses to date, we have reached over 32,000 online learners!

To further share knowledge and spread awareness around FASD, we hosted the Together for FASD Conference in Moncton, New Brunswick. The success from this event was the launching point for our national event happening in Saskatoon this November, the first ever Canada FASD Conference!

Moving Forward

As experts in FASD, we know that Canada needs a coordinated, evidence-based approach to address the complexities of FASD. After years of hard work and dedication throughout the country, CanFASD’s staff, Family Advisory Committee, and Board of Directors witnessed the historic introduction of Bill S-253: An Act respecting a national framework for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder into the Senate of Canada.

While we’ve made great strides to move FASD forward in Canada, we could do so much more with your support! As a not for profit and registered charity, we rely on community support to keep creating new projects and resources. Donate to our organization. Your contribution will help us develop and share the evidence needed to inform policies and programs for people with FASD, their families, and pregnant and parenting couples.

Thank you to all our stakeholders and community partners for staying up to date and connected with our ongoing work. Your interest and dedication to the field are integral to our success. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for our organization and the field of FASD!

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