Celebrate Giving Tuesday with CanFASD

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Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Held after holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday encourages Canadians to open their hearts and donate to causes they care about. This year, Giving Tuesday will happen on November 29th. Individuals and organizations around the world will give back their communities by donating to causes they believe in.

Why donate?

As a not for profit and registered charity in Canada, your donations help us to continue to create meaningful research, advocate for change, and share our resources with those who need it most. It takes a village to ignite real change, so we’re thrilled to have such an amazing network of people across Canada and around the world who support us in helping spark change for people with FASD.

Research is a valuable tool families can use to advocate for their children and find the right supports. A mother of a young girl with FASD says, “I know and understand the positive impact the research can have on families and individuals with FASD.  I use research that has been done by CanFASD researchers on a regular basis when participating in the non-stop advocacy that is required to keep my daughter stable and supported… I also know and understand the need for more research to fill the gaps in services and systems to increase accessibility and positive outcomes for people with FASD.”

That is why we do the work that we do. But we can’t do it alone.

How to support CanFASD this Giving Tuesday

Donors help keep us working towards our mission of creating and sharing research about FASD to improve research. This Giving Tuesday, consider donating to us or another FASD organization in your community. Here are some steps you can take to get started:

  1. Set a reminder to donate tomorrow, November 29th
  2. Spread the word with your friends and family and ask them to donate with you!
  3. Set up a recurring donation of just $5 a month to support CanFASD

Any amount you can give is appreciated but we understand that not everyone can donate at this time. If you’re unable to donate, consider supporting us in other ways. Take an online course, become a member, share our resources, follow us on social media, apply for a volunteer position, or pledge your support for a National FASD Strategy.

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