New on CanFASD’s Youtube Channel – A Five-Part International Seminar Series on FASD Prevention

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Research about preventing FASD is advancing across the globe. However, without international conferences or other travel these last two years, it has been less possible to share what is known about FASD and FASD prevention.

Canada FASD Research Network sponsored a five-part seminar series that brought together 14 researchers from across the globe to share what is known about preventing alcohol use in pregnancy and supporting women’s health.

The five-part seminar series focused on:

  1. Destigmatizing considerations
    • Patrick Corrigan (USA) and Dr. John Aspler (Canada) describe stigma and its implications for FASD prevention efforts
  2. Frameworks for FASD Prevention
    • Nancy Poole (Canada) describes the four-part model of FASD prevention
    • Kelly Gonzales and the Future Generations Collaborative (USA) share their work on FASD prevention
    • Babatope Adebiyi (South Africa) summarizes how South Africa developed FASD prevention guidelines
  3. Raising Awareness and Community Development Work
    • Mathew Parackal (New Zealand) describes a health communication strategy to communicate the harms of alcohol use during pregnancy
    • Victoria Bailey (Canada) shares lessons from the ThinkFASD prevention campaign (pictured)
    • Rhonda Romero, Shandiin Armao and Dr. Annika Montag (USA) describe efforts to prevent FASD in a reservation-based Indigenous community
  4. Brief intervention and support
    • Annika Montag (USA) shares research on FASD prevention among reservation-based Indigenous populations
    • Jessica Hanson (USA) describes adaptations to the Project CHOICES for the Oglala Sioux Tribe
    • Lindsay Wolfson (Canada) and Vivian Lyall (Australia) explore how to translate perceptions of alcohol use in pregnancy into successful interventions
  5. Holistic Support during Pregnancy and Postpartum
    • Deborah Rutman and Carol Hubberstey (Canada) describe outcomes from eight holistic wraparound programs supporting for pregnant and parenting women who use substances
    • Mary Motz shares findings from the Breaking the Cycle multiservice program for pregnant and parenting women who use substances and their children

We hope you will check out the seminar series available on our YouTube page and website.

One Comment on “New on CanFASD’s Youtube Channel – A Five-Part International Seminar Series on FASD Prevention”

  1. Hi Friends at CanFASD

    So good to hear that CanFASD continues to work with international partners to share knowledge. I would love to feature this work and the seminar series that has been created on an upcoming episode of my podcast, FASD Family Life.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Robbie Seale
    Executive Producer and Host
    FASD Family Life Podcast

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