CanFASD Federal Budget Submission 2022

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We know FASD is a national concern. We need a national response to address this disability that improves supports and services for those with FASD, those who are pregnant, and their support systems.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to push for a National FASD Strategy. We’ve met with several government representatives, many of whom have had a very positive response to what we’ve had to say.

Most recently, we submitted a proposal to the federal government, asking them to make FASD a priority and put aside some money in the 2022 budget to fund the development of a National FASD Strategy.

FASD is a unique disability. It needs a multidisciplinary approach. Despite its high prevalence rate, in Canada FASD is largely unrecognized in policy and programs. As a result, individuals’ and families’ needs aren’t being addressed.

We know that access to support varies across the country. People with FASD in B.C. have different supports and services available compared to people in Nova Scotia or Ontario. We need a National FASD Strategy to make sure Federal, provincial, and territorial governments have a coordinated and evidence-base response to FASD prevention, diagnosis, and support.

You can read our submission in advance of the 2022 federal budget here. Like all of you, we are hoping 2022 is the year for FASD in Canada.

Want to help? Reach out to your government representatives in support of a National FASD Strategy. The more people talking about FASD in parliament, the better.

We’ve heard that emails from three different people about the same issue is enough to get politicians to pay attention. So, grab two friends and start writing!

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