Celebrating Seven Years of our FASD Research Award

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Megaphone saying call for applications: Dr. Sterling Clarren FASD Research Award. Deadline extended: 19 November 2021

It’s been seven years of the Sterling Clarren FASD Research Award now, and so far we’ve had eight recipients (2018 was a double year). Our past winners have included:

2021 – Dr. Brianne Redquest

Last year’s winner, Dr. Redquest, tackled the high stress that caregivers experience by researching if and how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy could be used to support the wellbeing of caregivers of people with FASD.

2020 – Dr. John Aspler

Dr. Aspler’s research looked at news published in Canada over 10 years to understand how the topics of FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy are talked about in Canadian news.

2019 – Dr. Tamara Bodnar

The immune system protects our bodies from disease. Dr. Bondar’s research looked at how prenatal alcohol exposure impacts the immune system.

2018 – Dr. Sarah Treit and Dr. Deepa Singal

In 2018 we couldn’t choose so we named two recipients of the Sterling Clarren Research Award! Dr. Singal’s project focused on using population data to improve FASD program and policy in Manitoba. Dr. Treit’s project used MRI scans to understand how brains develop in people with FASD.

2017 – Dr. Kelly Coons-Harding

Now a research associate with CanFASD, back when Kelly was still Dr. Coons, she won this award for her work on understanding how health care students in Northern Ontario think about and understand FASD and alcohol use during pregnancy.

2016 – Dr. Angelina Paolozza

Back in 2016, Dr. Paolozza was our Research Award recipient for her research on how the structure and function of the brain is different in people with FASD.

2015 – Dr. Kaitlyn McLachlan

Now the CanFASD Justice Research Lead, Dr. McLachlan was our inaugural recipient for her work on the impacts of early life adversity and prenatal alcohol exposure on the body’s stress regulation system.

With the deadline for the Dr. Sterling Clarren FASD Research Award fast approaching, we followed up with past recipients to learn where their research is at now and how winning this award impacted them, both personally and professionally.

Stay tuned for new blogs throughout the week highlighting the work of our past winners!



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