Webinar Update for May 2021

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We’re taking a short break from our CanFASD webinar series for the month of May but will return in June 2021. In the meantime, feel free to watch some of our past webinars on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to get regular updates!

Our webinars bring evidence-based research on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) to Canadians from the comfort of home.  Here are some webinars from our recent collection that you may be interested in rewatching.

Student Spotlight: Emerging FASD Research in Canada

This webinar features three presentations from student and early career researchers in the field of FASD. Dr. Aamena Kapasi presents on mindset theory used as a self-regulation intervention for adolescents with FASD. Dr. Graham Little presents on the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies to understand how prenatal alcohol exposure can alter brain structures. Dr. Maude Champagne presents on the impacts of COVID-19 on families of youth with FASD.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This presentation from the CanFASD 2021 Dr. Sterling Clarren FASD Research Award winner, Dr. Brianne Redquest, focuses on delivering Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support the wellbeing of caregivers of individuals with FASD across Ontario. Results showed that these workshops led to a significant reduction in stress, improvements in psychological wellbeing, and caregivers feeling supported and valued.

Assessing Preschoolers for Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

In February 2021, the CanFASD Research Network and the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute co-sponsored this webinar on multidisciplinary assessment for preschool children with prenatal alcohol exposure. It features Dr. Ana Hanlon-Dearman of the Manitoba FASD Network, Dr. Ghita Wiebe from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and Shana Mohr of the FASD Network of Saskatchewan.

Identifying Best Practices for Prevention, Intervention, and Support

Presented by Lindsay Wolfson of CanFASD, this webinar is designed for professionals working in the fields of substance use, mental health, housing, employment, justice, and more. It provides an overview of our newest online course, and it also highlights some of the key tools and resources to support individuals who have or are at risk of having a child with FASD and/or may have FASD themselves.

Pain as Experienced by People with FASD

Pain and FASD is a very complex, under-researched, and misunderstood topic. This panel discussion dives into the topic of pain as experienced by people with FASD. It features presentations from researchers Dr. Kathryn Birnie and Dr. Kyle Sue, and from Myles Himmelreich and CJ Lutke, two individuals with FASD.

We hope you enjoy watching our webinars and learning more about FASD research in Canada. Stay tuned for our next webinar about FASD month coming in June 2021!

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