International Nurses Day 2021

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Happy International Nurses Day! Today we celebrate nurses around the globe. Nurses and other health care staff have been on the frontlines of this pandemic over the past year. We’d like to take a moment to thank them for all that they’ve done to support Canadians through these difficult times.

The theme of this year’s International Nurses Day is A Vision for Future Healthcare. This year we look at the role of nursing in transforming the next stage of health care. Nurses are some of the first health care workers we interact with when seeking treatment. Nurses and other frontline workers play a vital role in making sure we get the care that we need and that we’re treated with dignity and respect.

For people with FASD that means receiving compassionate, person-first treatment. Hospitals and other health care visits can be stressful and overwhelming for individuals with FASD. It is important that nurses are informed and prepared to provide appropriate supports for individuals and their families.

For caregivers of people with FASD that means being listened to and heard. Caregivers will know what works best for their child and will often have strategies and techniques that nursing staff can use to improve the experience of the individual.

For pregnant women using substances that means receiving non-judgemental treatment. FASD prevention has many different levels, but a key piece to prevention is having open and honest conversations with clients to build trust. This trust will open doors to better health and well-being for the mother, the child, and the family.

Nurses and other frontline workers are essential to FASD prevention, intervention, and diagnosis. Health care teams that are FASD-informed and are well-prepared to effectively care for people with FASD, their families, and women using substances are important to ensure everyone gets the respect and care they deserve.


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