Decolonising Justice for Aboriginal Youth with FASD

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Get a 20% discount on this new book about FASD, Aboriginal youth, and the criminal justice system.

“The over-representation of Indigenous youth with FASD in the justice systems in settler states is about intersecting forms of oppression that are founded in, and sustained by, settler colonialism.”

Our amazing Research Lead, Dr. Dorothy Badry, is one of the authors of new book called Decolonising Justice for Aboriginal Youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

This book reflects on the issues surrounding FASD and the criminal justice system, and the impacts on Aboriginal children, youth, and their families. It is based on research from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but the themes explored in this book have worldwide application.

This is a great resource for researchers and students who are interested in criminal and social justice, youth justice, criminology, social work, and education.

The publishers are offering a 20% discount if you purchase before December 31, 2020! Enter the code X018 at checkout.

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