New Webinar: Pain and FASD

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Register now for our webinar, Pain as Experienced by Individuals with FASD. This 60-minute webinar with Dr. Kathryn Birnie, Dr. Kyle Sue, Catherine (CJ) Lutke, and Myles Himmelreich will be held on November 27, 2020, at 1:00pm EST.

Pain as experienced by individuals with FASD is under-researched and frequently misunderstood and under-recognized in the medical community. People with FASD have varying levels of pain tolerance, ranging from high to low. This means that individuals with FASD may not recognize that they have an injury. Additionally, their disability may make them unable to communicate their pain. The stigma surrounding FASD may cause physicians to dismiss their pain as ‘made up’ or view it as a means to an end.

In the webinar, Dr. Kyle Sue will present on pain as experienced by individuals with FASD including topics such as the prevalence of pain and sensory issues, the biological underpinnings of pain, how pain presents in the real world, management of pain, and pain across the lifespan. Following this presentation, CJ Lutke and Myles Himmelreich will discuss how pain influences their lives as individuals with FASD. Dr. Kathryn Birnie will then provide an overview of Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP), a national knowledge mobilization network working to improve children’s pain management.

This webinar is geared towards individuals with FASD, caregivers, front-line workers, healthcare professionals, but all are welcome to attend. Be sure to register now!

2 Comments on “New Webinar: Pain and FASD”

  1. This sounds fantastic! Will a recording be available by any chance? I know many Australian families would benefit from this, but the time difference will make this very early in the morning for us.
    Thank you for hosting this valuable webinar!

    1. Yes, we will be recording the webinar and it will be up on our YouTube page approximately one week after the webinar!

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