New Webinar: Understanding FASD in the Criminal Justice System

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Register now for our webinar Understanding FASD in the Criminal Justice System: A Research Update! Dr. Kaitlyn McLachlan, along with two student researchers, will be presenting an overview of the recent research on FASD and criminal justice in Canada. This 90-minute webinar will be held at 1:00 pm EDT on August 7th, 2020.

Dr. McLachlan is the Justice Research Lead with the Canada FASD Research Network. She is also an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Guelph. Dr. McLachlan’s seeks to better understand and improve the experiences of individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the criminal justice context.

She will be presenting alongside Melissa Grubb and Katelyn Mullally, student researchers in the Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology program at the University of Guelph.

In order to improve outcomes for individuals with FASD in the criminal justice system we first need to understand how FASD and the justice system intersect. By characterizing the experiences and needs of individuals with FASD, and the current practices and decision-making processes in place within this system, we can begin to identify best practices that will improve outcomes.

In this webinar, Dr. McLachlan’s research team will present findings from several recent studies that aim to develop this growing evidence base. They will first characterize criminal justice contact experiences among adolescents and adults with FASD using data from the Canadian FASD Database. Second, they will review findings from a recently completed study evaluating FASD evidence in a review of published Canadian criminal cases. Third, they will describe findings from our research characterizing the FASD knowledge, practice experiences, and training needs among forensic clinicians in Canada and internationally. Finally, they will present findings from a systematic review of screening tools and approaches for identifying individuals with FASD, including specifically in justice contexts.

This webinar will be chaired by Dr. Katherine Flannigan, a Research Associate with CanFASD and Registered Psychologist. It is a 90-minute presentation with a discussion period to follow. The content is geared towards students, researchers, and professionals working in the criminal justice system, but all are welcome to attend.

This presentation is part of CanFASD’s Webinar Series, one of our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. These webinars are designed to bring evidence-informed research on FASD to Canadians from the comfort of their own homes. Watch our last webinar with Dr. Dorothy Badry, Simon Laplante, and Myles Himmelreich.

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