Drinking and baby-making don’t mix

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A couple sits on a rock. The woman is visibly pregnant. Her partner hugs her from behind, cradling her stomach. The text says "drinking and baby-making don't mix. ThinkFASD"

We are super excited to let you know that our ThinkFASD campaign has launched!  

This national social media campaign is focused on educating Canadians about the risks of alcohol and pregnancy. Our goal is to get couples across Canada who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and having unprotected sex to think about FASD.

Our message is that mixing alcohol and pregnancy is risky. If you’re pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or having unprotected sex, go alcohol-free to reduce your risk of FASD. 

This is the first national FASD prevention campaign in Canada. We worked with a large team of stakeholders from across the country to develop the concepts and messages you see in our campaign. The social media graphics and videos are meant to give a nostalgic feel with old-fashioned language and black and white photos. We took a strengths-based, non-stigmatizing approach to this campaign, following best practices that researchers have identified.

FASD prevention is a very complex issue and we can’t capture every aspect of prevention with one campaign. We’re hoping this national campaign is a good starting point that we can work from to increase Canada’s understanding of FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy as we ramp up to FASD Awareness Month in September.

Our goal is to reach at least one million Canadians with our campaign. You can help by sharing our information far and wide. Posts our graphics and videos in English and French on your social media pages and connect with us using #ThinkFASD.

4 Comments on “Drinking and baby-making don’t mix”

  1. Thank you for this very important work! It’s very well done and I am pleased to share broadly.

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