Positive Media Day & Mental Health Week!

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June 22nd is Positive Media Day! As a primary source of information, the media has the ability to shape our perspectives and has a significant impact on how we view individuals with FASD. While media is often bias towards negative events, and the challenges faced by individuals with FASD, it’s important to highlight all of the strengths these individuals have.

Ride Don’t Hide is an annual event, hosted this Sunday June 23rd by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is a Canada-wide event designed to bring awareness to mental health and raise funds for CMHA programs and services. In honor of the Ride Don’t Hide campaign, Canada FASD is hosting a Mental Health Series. Next week, we will be summarizing research studies conducted in Canada regarding these topics, and sharing them on the blog. We would also like to highlight positive stories of individuals with FASD and mental health issues. If you’d like to share a story of yourself, or someone you know, please tag @canfasd on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and use the hashtag #MentalHealth4FASD, or email your story to info@canfasd.ca

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