CanFASD Releases New Annotated Bibliography of The Top FASD Articles of 2018

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Every year, CanFASD staff, in collaboration with our researchers and the Family Advisory Committee, performs an extensive literature search to identify articles published in previous year that are the most relevant and impactful in the field of FASD.

These articles are chosen based on their novelty, scientific rigor, their ability to influence practice and policy, their ability to obtain media attention, and most importantly, their generalizability to all Canadians. This year, from a long list of exceptional articles (>460), we were able to narrow down 35 articles from Canada, the United States, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, and Australia. These articles  are focused on 8 categories related to FASD:

1) Diagnosis and Presentation of FASD

2) Intervention

3) Caregivers/Families

4) Justice

5) Prevalence

6) Prevention

7) Basic Science and Epigenetics

8) Research Methodology/Policy Issues

New this year, in addition to our Top FASD Articles of 2018 list, we have also compiled an Annotated Bibliography of our chosen top articles. We have listed these key publications and provided a brief summary of each study. Our objective is to provide a guide to the literature relevant to both theoretical and practical aspects of FASD to Canadian researchers, stakeholders, parents, care providers and policy makers.

Please note that the articles focusing on prevention are not included in our annotated bibliography. For a summary of the prevention articles, please refer to the Prevention Network Action Team’s annual annotated bibliography.

A PDF version of the final Annotated Bibliography of Top FASD Articles of 2018 can be found here.



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