Fun and Festive: Holiday Mocktails

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During the holiday season there are always lots of parties, festivities, family gatherings, and work functions. While this is often a fun and festive time of year, it can also be a time of excess, including alcohol use.

This week, CanFASD Research Leads and staff have been visiting local news stations across the country to discuss supporting alcohol-free pregnancies during the holiday season. Earlier this week, Research Lead, Dr. Jocelynn Cook, and CanFASD Managing Director, Kathy Unsworth, visited CTV News in Ottawa to discuss holiday mocktails and Research Lead Dr. Jacqueline Pei visited CTV Morning Live in Edmonton.

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Kathy Unsworth and Dr. Jocelynn Cook making mocktails on air on CTV News in Ottawa

Here are a few tips for supporting an alcohol-free holiday season:

  • Think about when you usually drink alcohol and plan to drink other beverages, such as fruit drinks, mocktails, or water
  • Bring your own drinks to social events
  • Share some mocktail recipes with the host of the party or bring a bottle of flavoured sparkling water with you
  • Drink mocktails out of wine, cocktail, or champagne glasses for that fancy and festive feeling
  • Bring a non-drinking holiday buddy with you
  • Tell your partner and your friends and family that you are not drinking and ask for their support in not offering you alcoholic beverages
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver

Check out our #12DaysofMocktails on social media for mocktail inspiration for your holiday get-togethers!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2019!

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