Two new papers published this week by CanFASD researchers

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Two papers led by CanFASD researchers were released last week. These papers are part of a special issue on FASD being put together by Advances in Dual Diagnosis.

Written by two of our Research Leads, our Scientific Director, and our Research Associate, the first paper profiles our organization. CanFASD is a non-governmental organization that focuses on cross-disciplinary research, as well as knowledge translation to policy makers, stakeholders, communities, and government in order to encourage informed decisions on the distribution of FASD resources and to increase awareness of FASD nationally and internationally. Our priority areas include diagnosis, prevention, intervention, justice, and child welfare.

CanFASD will continue to strive toward meaningful research and facilitating relationships that will relay important information to policy makers and the public, in order to implement effective programs that improve outcomes for individuals with FASD.

The second paper, written by Research Lead Dorothy Badry in collaboration with Peter Choate, focuses on the ways stigma affects people with FASD, as well as the professional disciplines among which this stigma is seen. Stigma is prevalent among those with FASD as well their support systems. In the review articles collected for the study, a focus is placed on the relationship between the mother consuming alcohol and its lasting impact on the child. The authors found that little research has been done on the potential and successes of individuals with FASD.

Research on the positive outcomes for individuals with FASD will improve understanding and lead to further success. Acknowledging the stigma that exists is important in facilitating conversations to reduce this stigma and focus on improving outcomes for individuals with FASD.

For more information about these articles, please contact Dr. Dorothy Badry or Dr. Kelly Coons-Harding.

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