New Research Assistant: Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah

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CanFASD would like to welcome Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah to the team! Vichy has joined us as our newest member to help with a review of the National Alcohol Strategy’s information about FASD.

Vichy Picture

Vichy, originally coming from Sri Lanka, is a child health researcher at the University of Manitoba and a Freelance Medical Writer. Vichy completed her PhD in Medical Epigenetics and Regenerative Medicine in 2017, focusing on the epigenetic mechanisms of neurological disorders, primarily FASD, Autism, and Rett Syndrome.

Her biomedical research work on FASD focused on genetic and epigenetic origins of the damage done by alcohol to brain cell types and how gene expression and DNA methylation changes may contribute to this damage.

She has a keen interest in FASD and is excited to learn more about intervention supports and helping families through her new position with CanFASD.

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