August 2023 Webinar Update

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The summer is in full swing and we hope everyone is enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. CanFASD will not be hosting a webinar this August but we will be back in September. In the meantime, you can watch all of our past webinars on our YouTube channel. Here’s a selection of a few that we think you’ll enjoy.

Emerging FASD Research in Action

This year’s cohort of 10 CanFASD Trainees present on their ongoing research or projects related to FASD in parts one and two of this webinar series. This is a chance to learn what the next generation of Canadian FASD researchers and providers are accomplishing, to hear new research findings, and to look forward to forthcoming study results. The projects range from effective FASD prevention campaigns to FASD and cannabis use, FASD and the criminal justice system, and everything in between!

Supporting Adults with FASD

Presenters share ways to support adults with FASD through an evidence based framework and community coordinator perspective.

Early Life Adversity and FASD: Risks and Opportunities

In this webinar, Drs Pei and Flannigan provide an overview of adversity in FASD and associated vulnerabilities;  share findings of a study conducted in this area, and discuss how the environment can be a risk factor and an opportunity for growth for people with FASD.

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