FASD Prevention Seminar Series: Frameworks for FASD Prevention

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a lifelong disability that affects the brain and body of individuals who were exposed to alcohol in the womb. FASD is a significant public health issue and research about FASD prevention is advancing the globe.

Frameworks for FASD Prevention

Canadian prevention specialists have identified four mutually reinforcing levels of prevention that include awareness building approaches, safe and respectful conversations about alcohol use, and holistic support services for pregnant and postpartum women who experience challenges with alcohol and other health and social concerns.

Five-Part Prevention Seminar Series

In 2022, CanFASD sponsored a five-part prevention seminar series. This series brought 14 researchers together from around the world to share what is known about preventing alcohol use during pregnancy and supporting women’s health.

This final seminar, Frameworks for FASD Prevention, Promoting Women’s Wellness, features presentations about the four-part model of FASD prevention, a community-based prevention model and policy framework.

Dr. Nancy Poole is the Prevention Lead with CanFASD and the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health. Dr. Poole provides an in-depth overview of the 4 Part FASD Prevention Model in Canada and facilitates the series, describing the implications of each framework on FASD prevention efforts globally.

Dr. Kelly Gonzales, a Health Equity and Indigenous Expert from the Portland State University School of Public Health and the Future Generations Collaborative provide an overview of their community-based research project that was developed to understand the effects of FASD and create community-based responses that address the social and structural FASD and FASD prevention initiatives.

Dr. Babatope Adebiyi from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa describes how South Africa developed their FASD prevention guidelines and what work needs to be done in educational, health, and community settings.

To learn more about the various communication strategies, awareness campaigns, and community-level efforts featured in this seminar, check out the International FASD Prevention Seminar Series, available on both our website and YouTube channel!

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