5 reasons you should become a member of CanFASD

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By now you probably know that you can become an individual member of CanFASD. But you may be wondering if the program is worth it. Here are five reasons that you should become a member of CanFASD to help you decide if this membership program is right for you.

1. Stay up to date with FASD news and research

The field of FASD is moving quickly and new research is published every week. Our members receive bi-weekly newsletters to help you understand what’s happening in FASD now. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming events, newly published research, the latest resources, open awards, grants, and opportunities,

This will help you stay up to date and in the know with the latest news, research, and resources in Canada and internationally.

2. Get opportunities for connection

CanFASD knows the value of connection and partnership – it’s what our organization is built on! Throughout the year, we offer member-only events that give you the chance to learn about research on the go, connect with the CanFASD team, and meet other individual members. Our professional tiered-members also have the opportunity access our membership directory, with all the contact information you need to stay in touch.

The next member-only event will be held December 15th. It is an opportunity for members with living experience to meet with and learn more about our Family Advisory Committee and Adults with FASD Expert Collaboration Team.

3. Shape future research and policy

At CanFASD, we want to make sure the research we do is valuable to everyone. So, we turn to our community to help us understand where they need more knowledge and support. CanFASD members are part of this community. We send around surveys to our members to better understand the areas where they need more support and use this feedback to help inform our research projects and resources.

4. Learn about ongoing research

We often don’t learn about what’s happening in research until the work is published. But, as CanFASD members, you’ll learn about the research that is currently on the go. Our bi-weekly updates always provide a “feature news” section that often includes project updates from our researchers. We also host member-only events with our staff and researchers where you’ll hear about the things that are in the works.

5. Memberships start at less than $5 per month

For individuals with lived and living experience (individuals with FASD and caregivers), the membership program is $49 per year – that is only $4.08 per month! This is a preferred rate for personal memberships. For everyone else (professional memberships), the program is $129. As a non-profit organization, we use membership revenue to further research, knowledge sharing, and advocacy.

But don’t just take it from me. Check out what our members have to say.

“I have had a membership with CanFASD since it first launched, and it has made such a positive impact on me as a professional in the field and a caregiver to a child with FASD.  Having access to the latest research, early registration for upcoming webinars, and evidence-based information on FASD on a continual basis, not only saves me time searching as the information is coming straight to my inbox, but it also ensures I don’t miss out on any opportunities to learn more about FASD!”

-Shana Mohr, Training Manager, Saskatchewan FASD Network

 “The CanFASD Individual Membership offers a great way to stay connected to latest in FASD research including opportunities to participate and connect with expertise in the FASD field.”

-Lisa Murphy, Executive Director, Lakeland Centre for FASD

Become a member today!

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