FASD Prevention Seminar Series: Level 3 & 4 Holistic Support in Pregnancy and Postpartum

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We have previously shared both level 1 and 2 prevention seminars of our International FASD Prevention Seminar Series, we will now explore level 3 and 4.

Level 3 & 4 Prevention

The third level of the FASD Prevention Model includes specialized prenatal support and the provision of respectful and holistic care and treatment for girls and women who are using alcohol during pregnancy, and have related health, social, and financial concerns.

The fourth level of prevention supports new mothers who were not able to make significant changes to their substance use during pregnancy, so that they can improve their health, wellbeing, and the health of their children.

Ongoing holistic, non-judgemental health care, social support and peer support that is designed to make it safe for pregnant women and mothers with alcohol problems, histories of violence and trauma and related health concerns are also citical to both levels.

FASD Prevention Seminar Series

In 2022, CanFASD sponsored a five-part prevention seminar series. This series brought 14 researchers together from around the world to share what is known about preventing alcohol use during pregnancy and supporting women’s health.

The next part of the series, Level 3 & 4 Holistic Support in Pregnancy and Postpartum, features two Canadian research teams studying the work of community-based programs for pregnant women and new mothers who have alcohol problems and related health and social concerns.

Dr. Deborah Rutman and Carol Hubberstey from Nota Bene Consulting Group describe outcomes for eight holistic wraparound programs that support pregnant and parenting women who use substances.

Dr. Mary Motz from Mothercraft Breaking the Cycle shares findings from Breaking the Cycle’s multiservice program for pregnant and parenting women who use substances and their children.

To learn more about these specialized holistic supports during pregnancy and postpartum, we encourage you to check out this part of the International FASD Prevention Seminar Series that is available on both our website and YouTube channel!

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