Feature: Meet our New Board Member, Shana Mohr

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CanFASD is extremely excited to announce that Shana Mohr has joined our Board of Directors. As a result of her new board duties, Shana has stepped down from her position as Saskatchewan representative on the Family Advisory Committee. Her position has been filled by Pam Belanger.

Shana has been working in the field of FASD for the past nine years. She started as the Training Manager of the FASD Network of Saskatchewan. As the Training Manager, she has trained hundreds of professionals, caregivers, and individuals with intellectual disabilities about the complexities of FASD, both within and outside of Saskatchewan. However, her passion for FASD started 13 years ago when her daughter came into her life.

“She is my inspiration. She is where my dedication to FASD began, and she continues to be the most insightful teacher in the complex world of FASD. She motivates me to work exceptionally hard to make this world a better place and to bring hope to her and everyone who is impacted by FASD.”

Shana first got involved with CanFASD in November of 2016 as a member of the Family Advisory Committee. She joined the Network because she believed strongly in the work CanFASD was doing.

“I got involved with CanFASD because it is an organization that sits very close to my heart.  The vision and the purpose of CanFASD align with me personally and professionally, addressing the extraordinary complexities of FASD while producing research that is open to everyone to not only address prevention strategies but to influence improved support services for individuals with FASD.”

For Shana, CanFASD’s collaboration with families is one of the defining characteristics of our organization. She says, “One of the really unique amazing strengths of CanFASD is that they value the voice and input of lived experience…. This aids in keeping the research real, relevant, and accessible to everyone. I believe this sets CanFASD apart from other research organizations.”

Shana has seen first-hand the value of research in supporting those with FASD. Her role on the board will help ensure that CanFASD continues to make meaningful contributions to the field that supports families and service providers.

“I know and understand the positive impact the research can have on families and individuals with FASD.  I use research that has been done by CanFASD researchers on a regular basis when participating in the non-stop advocacy is that required to keep my daughter stable and supported… I also know and understand the need for more research to fill the gaps in services and systems to increase accessibility and positive outcomes for people with FASD.” 

Shana said she is forever grateful for the opportunity she had to be a part of the Family Advisory Committee over the last six years. She is excited to start this new chapter as a member of the Board of Directors. By sharing her experiences from home, she hopes to help influence research and policy.

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