Common Messages Guidelines Updated

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In 2017, CanFASD developed a document intended to encourage consistency in how we talk and write about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Our Common Messages Guidelines have now been around for five years, and we regularly update them to reflect new research and information.

CanFASD strongly believes that respect, dignity, and human worth for people with FASD, people who are pregnant, and their support systems should be promoted. We also value information that is accurate and evidence-based. Our Guidelines align with these values and promote messages that are in line with these principles.

Our revised 2022 Guidelines were just released. They include additions and updates related to:

  • FASD and mental health statistics;
  • Strengths-based language and healthy outcomes;
  • Language around diagnosis;
  • Using “may have FASD” instead of “suspected FASD”
  • Reframing conversations around “won’t” vs “can’t” to focus more on how we can best provide supports; and
  • Gender inclusive language

Read the full document to see all the changes for yourself!

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