4 Unique Ways Canadians are Celebrating FASD Day During a Pandemic

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Today is the International FASD Awareness Day. First celebrated in 1999, FASD Day is held on the ninth day of the ninth month to encourage people to go alcohol free during their full nine months of pregnancy.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FASD awareness events and activities are a little bit different this year. Many organizations across Canada have come up with creative ways to celebrate FASD Month while making sure they are following the preventative health recommendations in their local areas.

Here are four unique campaigns that are doing a great job of raising awareness of FASD during the pandemic.

1. Digital Billboards, British Columbia

A member of the FASD community in Sidney, British Columbia partnered with Pattison Billboards to put together two electronic billboards for FASD Awareness Day. One billboard is located in Langford, the other is located in Sidney. These billboards raise awareness of the importance of going alcohol free to reduce your risk of FASD.

2. Lawn Signs, Lethbridge Alberta

sign on lawn saying September is FASD Awareness Month

The Advertising, Communication, and Promotions Committee of the South Alberta FASD Network purchased 100 lawn signs and distributed them throughout Lethbridge, Alberta. Along with the signs, they included a letter for residents, explaining more about FASD and FASD Awareness Month.

3. Virtual Mocktail Challenge, Alberta

The Lakeland Centre for FASD in Alberta is holding a virtual mocktail challenge. They’ve invited residents to submit a video or photo of a unique mocktail recipe for a chance to win prizes from local business owners. The winner will be announced today! This is a great way to encourage Canadians to normalize alcohol-free choices.

4. Face Masks, Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute distributed 1000 free re-usable masks to communities in Saskatchewan to help raise awareness about FASD and challenge the stigma. The concept was developed in a meeting with the FASD Network of Saskatchewan and was enthusiastically supported by Saskatchewan communities. These masks will help protect everyone from COVID-19 and remind us to create safe, supportive environments for moms-to-be and their babies, families, and individuals with FASD. The Prevention Institute is holding a selfie contest on the Prevention Institute Facebook page where people can post pictures with their masks on for the chance to win a prize.

Many other organizations are hosting amazing events in honour of FASD Day. Connect with your local community to see what’s happening in your area. If you are heading out to a physical event, be sure to follow all the preventative health guidelines from your local health unit. We hope you have a great FASD Awareness Day!

Do you have an FASD Awareness activity that didn’t make the list? Email connect@canfasd.ca to tell us how you’re celebrating FASD Month!

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