FASD Month 2020 is Almost Here!

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International FASD Day is just around the corner! Throughout the month of September, events are held across Canada and around the world in recognition of FASD Day. However, one day is not enough. Like many of you, we recognize September as FASD Month and encourage all our followers to continue to work towards increased awareness of FASD throughout FASD Month and beyond.

This year our theme is centred around the hashtag #FASDis. We’re focused on correcting the current misinformation and stigma surrounding FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy, and raising awareness of what it truly means to have FASD.

Help us spread the word this FASD Month!

Download our Toolkit

We’ve created a number of resources for our stakeholders to use during the month of September to help raise awareness of FASD. Our full FASD Month toolkit is available on our website. It has graphics for your social media pages, fast facts about FASD, sample social media posts, and more.

Participate in our Video

We’re making a short video that highlights our community and raises awareness of FASD in Canada. You can help by sending a short video clip telling us what FASD means to you OR what you want people to know about FASD.

Video details

  • Send a short video clip (5-10 seconds)
  • In landscape orientation (i.e. hold your phone sideways)
  • Tell us what FASD means to you.
  • You can talk to the camera, hold up a sign, or any other creative way you can think of to get your message across

Tips for shooting

  • Shoot in landscape view (i.e. hold your phone sideways)
  • Hold the camera very steady. If you can set it up to shoot from a surface like a table or chair, that is even better.
  • Leave a “buffer” of 2-3 seconds at the beginning and end of the video to make sure none of your words or actions are cut off.  
  • Make sure the audio is good quality:
    • Try to record inside, away from background noises
    • If it’s windy, don’t shoot outside

Submission details

Send your video to victoria.bailey@canfasd.ca by August 31, 2020. If you’re unable to send your video over email due to the size, you can also use this free online service. Feel free to email victoria.bailey@canfasd.ca if you have any questions!

Contact your Local Community Leaders

If you’re hosting an FASD event in your community (virtual or otherwise), you may invite a local Member of Parliament to participate. Connecting with community leaders is a great way to bring government attention to FASD. However, talking about FASD can be challenging and language people use to talk about FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy can create stigma and stereotypes. We’ve created a resource for community leaders called How to Talk About FASD. Share this with the community leaders attending your events.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and blog for more information about FASD Awareness Month. Have any ideas, questions, or related news? Send us an email at connect@canfasd.ca!

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