Highlight on Canadian Service Providers: Alberta- Lakeland Centre for FASD

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The Lakeland Centre for FASD (LCFASD) is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 2000, with offices based in northeast Alberta. They are committed to providing continuous care for individuals affected by prenatal alcohol use. LCFASD focuses on three main areas:

Identification & Diagnosis

  • Members of the LCFASD team will travel to communities close to clients’ homes, to make diagnostic services more accessible
  • The multidisciplinary diagnostic team will provide assessment & diagnosis for youth, children and adults. Services are offered to anyone suspected of having FASD, and confidential referrals can be made by anyone
  • There are different diagnostic teams to assess adults, youth and children
    • Adults: assessment and diagnostic clinics available once/month
    • Children: assessment and diagnostic clinics available twice/month
    • Youth: complex youth clinics happen based on the needs of youth clients

Outreach & Support

  • LCFASD has an open door policy, and will continually work with families to help support them and their loved one with FASD.
  • Support groups for caregivers to share their experiences with each other, free of judgement

 Transition Services

  • They offer transition services for individuals with FASD ages 14-25 with a diagnosis of FASD, or who may be At Risk, and can commit to the Transition Program for 3-6 months
  • A Transition Coordinator will help young people with FASD create a plan for the future by setting goals, and determining what supports they may need during transition periods

 FASD Outreach Workers

  • LCFASD Outreach Workers find appropriate services in the community to support the client with FASD, and their family
  • Coordinated services will be offered for 6 months, followed by continued support services on an as-needed basis

Employment Services

  • The Employment Program is designed for persons aged sixteen and older, who have been diagnosed with FASD, to enhance their quality of life, pursue appropriate employment goals, increase self-reliance and community participation.

Counselling Services

  • All LCFASD clients and their families can access our counselling services
  • Our counsellor focusses on life and social skills, grief and loss, and addictions supports.

Community Training Services

  • LCFASD wants to create strong, informed communities that have the knowledge and tools to develop diagnostic and treatment programs in their area;
  • Therefore, they offer training and presentations for frontline workers, parents/caregivers, self-help groups, service groups, college or high school students, and municipalities

Summer Camp

  •   LCFASD offers 6 overnight camps for kids ages 7 – 17 with FASD at a camp specifically designed.
  •   Camp runs July and August and offers kayaking, swimming, field trips, crafts, science activities, and much more.

 Educate and Prevent

The Prevention Conversation

  • In order to prevent alcohol exposed births and subsequent FASD, people need to be educated, and empowered to make healthy choices
  • The FASD Prevention Conversation fosters relationship and conversation to facilitate change and engage open, honest conversation around alcohol use and pregnancy
  • LCFASD will speak to your group about approaching the Prevention Conversation

Mothers-to-be Mentorship Program

  • This program is a free, voluntary, non-judgmental, one-on-one support program that helps women have a healthy pregnancy and raise healthy babies
  • MTBM follows the Parent Child Assistance Program model (PCAP)

2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre

  • This is a live in alcohol- drug treatment program specifically designed for women
  • Specializing in women who are pregnant
  • Trauma and FASD informed program that includes counselling, life skills, medical care/dental care, and many other unique programming.

Lakeland Centre for FASD is a leading organization in the field of FASD, we admire their hard work and passion, and love seeing their work make a difference in the lives of many. Keep it up LCFASD!


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