CanFASD Announces New Senior Research Lead

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CanFASD would like to thank Dr. Alan Bocking for his years of service to the CanFASD Research Network. Dr. Bocking, who has been CanFASD’s Scientific Advisor since August 2014, has recently retired. Dr. Bocking has extensive research experience relating to FASD prevention and understanding the mechanisms underlying FASD, with the goal of developing new and innovative approaches to FASD intervention. For nearly 5 years, Dr. Bocking has advised CanFASD researchers on informing policy based on sound, scientific evidence, and we thank him for his leadership and contribution to CanFASD Research Network. CanFASD is pleased that Dr. Bocking will remain connected to the Research Network as a member of our Board of Directors.

CanFASD would also like to introduce Dr. Jacqueline Pei as our first Senior Research Lead. Dr. Pei has been a Research Lead with CanFASD since 2009 . She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta. Also a practicing Registered Psychologist for the past twenty years, Dr. Pei began her career as a criminologist and forensic counselor working with incarcerated youth. Motivated by this early work, she returned to academia to study youth at risk, child development, and neuropsychology, leading to her current focus on interventions for individuals with FASD. Dr Pei has over 75 peer-reviewed publications, but places the greatest value on her work with various community and government agencies.

Jacquie-1-7635To this end, Dr. Pei currently leads the Intervention Network Action Team (iNAT) for CanFASD, a role that facilitates the link between research, policy, and practice. We are very excitedfor Dr. Pei to take on this new role!

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