Introduction to our Media Week Series!

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CanFASD Connect is introducing ‘Media Week’ this week, from April 15-19. We will be posting daily on a new topic surrounding the influence of media on the perception of FASD, including guest posts from individuals who are well versed in the field of FASD. Topics covered this week will include celebrities who have publicly spoken about refraining from alcohol use, as well as those who have framed alcohol use during pregnancy as a comedic topic, portrayals of alcohol use during pregnancy on television, and the representation of individuals with FASD in print media.

All forms of media play an important role in the portrayal of accurate information regarding highly stigmatized topics, therefore, we need to be critical consumers of information when being influenced by the media’s portrayal of FASD and alcohol use during pregnancy.

We look forward to hearing from our blog followers about your thoughts/ideas on this topic!

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