Save the Date! FASD Employment Initiative: Creating Possibilities Together

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CanFASD is excited to be hosting discussions on the topic of employment for individuals with FASD. On January 25, 2019, CanFASD, in partnership with the University of Alberta, will be hosting the FASD Employment Initiative in order to provide an opportunity for networking, resource sharing, and reflecting for people invested in seeing individuals with FASD succeed in employment. This initiative … Read More

Student Spotlight: Celisse Bibr (Laurentian University)

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Celisse Bibr is a recent Master’s graduate from Laurentian University’s Interdisciplinary Health program, and a current doctoral student in the Rural and Northern Health program. She studied, and is currently studying, under the supervision of Dr. Shelley Watson, to build on Northern Ontarian literature surrounding FASD. Knowledge of Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) Students on the Subject of FASD … Read More

Article Summary: Warning about drinking during pregnancy: lessons from the French experience

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Since 2007, France has required all containers of alcohol to contain a warning about drinking during pregnancy. However, this label has only been noticed by just over half of female consumers, and the message is often misinterpreted. Awareness  Only 66% of women said they noticed the warning label on alcohol containers Most women agreed that consuming alcohol daily could have … Read More

Article Summary: An Environmental Scan of the Role of Nurses in Preventing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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Background The authors of this article looked at the role of nurses in preventing alcohol use in patients perceived to be at-risk for an alcohol-exposed pregnancy. The authors examined the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of nurses in this role, along with areas to improve how they can help prevent prenatal alcohol exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). There is … Read More

Towards a Standard Canadian Definition of FASD

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At CanFASD, we have been working to create a common definition of FASD for use in a Canadian context. We believe that if all governments, service agencies, and researchers use a common definition of FASD, it will: Reduce stigma, given that many existing definitions are quite harsh and use incorrect or outdated information Increase understanding of the disability Increase consistency … Read More

CanFASD Staff Member Wins Governor General’s Gold Medal

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Congratulations to our Research Associate, Dr. Kelly Coons-Harding, who this past weekend received the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal from Laurentian University. The Governor General’s Academic Medals recognize the outstanding academic achievements of students in Canada and are awarded to the graduating student with the highest academic standing. Medals are awarded at four levels: bronze at the secondary school level; … Read More

Strengths Among Individuals with FASD

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Although research and education on the challenges faced by individuals with FASD is important in order to provide resources and supports, it is equally important to talk about the strengths of these individuals. Earlier this fall, we released an issue paper that discusses the current research that does exist in the area of FASD strengths, gaps in research that need … Read More

New Research Assistant: Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah

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CanFASD would like to welcome Vichy Liyanage-Zachariah to the team! Vichy has joined us as our newest member to help with a review of the National Alcohol Strategy’s information about FASD. Vichy, originally coming from Sri Lanka, is a child health researcher at the University of Manitoba and a Freelance Medical Writer. Vichy completed her PhD in Medical Epigenetics and … Read More

Conference Highlights from Learning, and Growing: Imagining the Future of Jordan’s Principle

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Lindsay Wolfson, MPH Lindsay is a Research Coordinator at the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and a consultant at the Canada FASD Research Network. She holds a Master of Public Health, Social Inequities and Health, from Simon Fraser University. Lindsay is responsible for research and collaboration on projects relating to the operationalization of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, fetal … Read More

FASD and the Criminal Justice System

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Many individuals with FASD face challenges with the justice system and there is growing interest in how to shape justice approaches, treatment, and policy to better support these individuals. However, there is relatively little research in this area. CanFASD researchers recently published a systematic review of the literature on criminal justice system (CJS) involvement among individuals with FASD. The review … Read More