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Toward Quality Mental Health Services in Canada: A Comparison of Performance Indicators Across 5 Provinces — In 2015, the Graham Boeckh Foundation (GBF), in collaboration with the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH), initiated a project to test the feasibility of creating and reporting on a small number of mental health and addictions services performance indicators that could be compared across provinces. A team of mental health and addictions scientists from ve provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec) developed and generated the measures, where possible for ages 10 years and up, using data already available from the healthcare systems. This is the Summary Report. A full Technical Report is available at

Caregiver Needs and Stress in Caring for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Lay Summary

FASD, Stress and Mental Health

Addiction and Mental Health Care: Resources to Support Collaboration — The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Executive Council on Addictions have collected a list of examples and resources to support collaboration between addictions and mental health systems and service delivery in Canada.