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Bill C-325 Policy Alert—Bill C325 and Implications for Individuals with FASD

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Feasibility Study in Housing for People with FASD — Since 2002, over 25 organizations have been networking in Regina to improve services to people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their caregivers. Recognizing the need to explore housing, three of those organizations (The Saskatchewan FAS Network, The Regina FASD Community Network and the Regina Community Clinic) partnered to apply for funding from the National Homelessness Initiative (NHI). This feasibility study was the outcome of that funding.

Housing Literature Review—Literature review and best practices for the housing and supports framework; housing and supports initiative; and creating connections: Alberta’s addiction and mental health strategy.

The Addiction and Mental Health Tertiary Care Framework: Models of Evidence Based/Informed Rehabilitation (Models of Care)

Addiction and Mental Health Housing and Supports Framework—Creating Connections: Alberta’s Addiction and Mental Health Strategy

Understanding mothers experiencing homelessness: A gendered approach to finding solutions for family homelessness