Mental Health Resource and Practice Guide


In partnership with the Canada Northwest FASD Partnership, CanFASD has developed this resource guide for frontline mental health counsellors/therapists, prevention mentors, crisis workers, community mental health providers, and those who work directly with individuals with FASD. Mental health is an important consideration for people with FASD, despite the challenges they face in accessing mental health services and support. This resource guide was developed through a comprehensive examination of the literature on FASD and mental health, other available resources, professionals in the field of FASD, and incorporating individual’s lived experience through the inclusion of audio/video recordings and sources written by individuals with FASD.

We hope that this resource guide has helped you engage in reflection, increased your knowledge of FASD, and allowed you to feel more comfortable supporting people with FASD. However, this guide is extensive and learning in this area should be life-long. The resources below are available for additional information and can continually be accessed as you engage in this work.

Additional Resources

The following encompasses the resources highlighted throughout the guide, as well as additional resources, websites, and articles for more information.

Resources from CanFASD:

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