Publications & Resources

Education Essentials For Students With FASD: Setting Them Up For Success — From Ontario’s FASD ONE. For more of their educational resources see

Understanding Adverse Experiences and Providing School-Based Supports for Youth who are High Risk with and without FASD

FASD Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP)

Assessment for Intervention of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Perspectives of Classroom Teachers, Administrators, Caregivers, and Allied Professionals — This study increases the links between research and practice as we move toward a model of assessment for intervention. Such a model has a strong potential for optimizing assessment practices to better meet the needs of children with FASDs as it promotes a shift that focuses on successful child outcomes regardless of diagnosis. Download

Pei, J., Tremblay, M., McNeil, A., Poole, N., McFarlane, A. (2016). Neuropsychological Aspects of Prevention and Intervention for FASD in Canada. Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology. doi:10.1007/s40817-016-0020-1 Read Article