Everyone in the community can have a role in supporting of healthy pregnancies and people with FASD. Your role, big or small, can help shape a more equitable future for those with living experience of FASD and for women and gender diverse individuals who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

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Accountants can help people with FASD by providing financial guidance and support tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. This may include assisting with budgeting, tax planning, and financial management to ensure that individuals with FASD can effectively manage their finances. Play a part this FASD Awareness Month by:  

Caring for an individual with FASD can be both tremendously challenging and rewarding. Whether you are just embarking on the caregiving journey or have spent many years providing care, your experiences and input can shape the future of FASD policy and research. Play a part by:  

Educators play an important role in ensuring students with FASD succeed in school, and having conversations with young people about alcohol, safe sex and relationships. Educators can better support people with FASD and people of reproductive age by:  

Employers can create inclusive and supportive workplaces for individuals with FASD, enabling them to thrive and contribute successfully to the company. Be an FASD-informed employer by: 

Family members play a vital role in shaping our lives with wisdom, love, and stories. From teaching valuable life lessons to providing support, your input can influence those who may be pregnant. You can:  

Having a supportive community can make a significant difference in a person with FASD and their family’s quality of life. Be a kind friend, community member and neighbour and educate yourself by: 

It can be difficult for people with FASD to find and maintain safe and secure housing. Housing service providers can help people with FASD access safe and comfortable homes by: 

Lawyers need to better understand how FASD impacts a person’s involvement in the justice system. Better support people with FASD by:  

Media and marketing professionals play an important role in shaping the way the public thinks about FASD and prevention. Ensure that the marketing materials you share are informed, inclusive, and non-stigmatizing by:  

Mental health is an important consideration for people with FASD, despite the challenges they face in accessing mental health services and support. If you are an addiction professional there is a good chance you’ve encountered someone with FASD, even if you didn’t recognize it at the time, or you may have worked with a pregnant women or gender diverse person.

If you are a frontline mental health counsellor, therapist, prevention mentor, crisis worker, substance use professional or community mental health provider, play a part in supporting people with FASD and healthy pregnancies by:  

Nurses and midwives are essential to FASD prevention, intervention, and diagnosis. Engage your patients in a supportive and non-judgmental conversation about alcohol use during pregnancy by:  

Nutrition is an important aspect of a healthy pregnancy. Play a part this FASD month by: 

Including partners in FASD prevention efforts and preconception care is important in supporting a healthy pregnancy. Partners can influence women’s alcohol use.

Engaging partners in their own health, preconception health, and pregnancy planning can support the individual and couple in increasing preconception knowledge, evoke helpful changes in alcohol consumption, enhance maternal health outcomes, and support healthier relationships. Be a supportive partner by: 

Physicians play a crucial role in the care of individuals with FASD. Provide more comprehensive support by: 

Police officers will come across justice-involved individuals with FASD. Play a part this FASD Awareness Month by:  

Politicians and policy makers are instrumental in helping people with FASD at an institutional level and creating alcohol policies that support FASD prevention. Support people with FASD and their families by:   

Service industry workers can be supportive of people with FASD by creating an inclusive and accessible environment that meets the diverse needs of all customers. Play a part this FASD Month by:  

  • taking the Foundations in FASD online course 
  • adding a selection of mocktails to your menu as an alternative to alcohol  
  • putting up posters with information about alcohol use and pregnancy in your venue as well as information on where to receive support 
  • offering sensory-friendly environments for individuals with FASD 

Social workers play an important role in helping people with FASD access the support they need, as well as supporting mother-child togetherness. Better support people with FASD and their families by:   

Students are the next generation of professionals and community members who have the chance to shape a culture that is inclusive of people with FASD. Play a part this FASD Awareness Month by:  

Tradespeople will often encounter many kinds of people in your daily work and with FASD affecting 4% of the population, it is likely you will come across people with FASD. Become FASD-informed by:  

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We guarantee there are things you can do to advocate for people with FASD and support healthy pregnancies.

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