Where should I start?

I am a Caregiver!

A guide to support you in accessing important information and resources relating to providing care for children and adults with FASD. French version available

Cover of Caregiver Resource Guide
A Caregiver’s Guide to Diagnosis

A guide to help you understand FASD and the diagnostic process. French version available.


An interactive website that provides information about FASD across the spectrum and lifespan.

FASD Support and Intervention

FASD and Educational Supports

A starting place for family members looking for information on educational supports for their children

Intervention Research

Find the latest research on current intervention topics including substance use, employment, housing, mental health, and more.

Medication Algorithm for FASD

This resource helps clinicians when prescribing medication for individuals with FASD. Caregivers can share this resource with healthcare professionals. 

More information on FASD interventions and supports, including current research, can be found under our lifespan intervention page.

FASD Diagnosis

CanFASD Caregiver Guide to Diagnosis cover
A Caregiver’s Guide to Diagnosis

A guide to help you understand FASD and the diagnostic process. French version available.

How to explain an FASD diagnosis to your child
How to explain an FASD Diagnosis to your Child

Tips to explain an FASD diagnosis to your child to help them understand and be empowered.

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FASD Diagnostic Clinics in Canada

A list of FASD diagnostic clinics in Canada and your frequently asked questions about diagnosis answered

More information on FASD diagnosis, including current research, can be found under our diagnosis page

FASD Research

Participate in Research

Find a list of ongoing research studies to participate in and contribute to.

Family Engagement in Research

Slideshow from the CanFASD Research and Policy Series on the importance of family involvement in research. 

FASD Research: Learning Together

Update on the research and resources from discussed at the 2016 Learning Together event. 

Caregiver Approaches, Resiliencies, and Experiences

This is an ongoing research study created in partnership with CanFASD Researchers and the Family Advisory Committee. It collects information from parents and caregivers around the world who are caring for individuals with FASD to inform future resources and supports. Participate in the study here. Updates from the C.A.R.E. study are listed below:

When You are Asked to Take Part in Research: Information for People with FASD

In 2018, about 40 adults with FASD met with researchers to talk about what they needed to be able to participate in FASD research. We have used the feedback from adults with FASD to develop this information. It includes descriptions of what you can expect and ask for when you or your child are deciding if you want to take part in the research.

Financial Resources and Support

Family Support for Children with Disabilities

A resource for family members looking for information about financial and other supports for their children. 

Succession Planning

What parents and caregivers should know to plan for succession. Includes information about estates, trusts, guardianship, and more.

Resources and Training

Online Education Opportunities

A list of online training and education resources

Webinar Recordings

Recordings of topic-specific webinars on various subjects relating to FASD, including sensory challenges, education, child welfare, and more. 

Community service agencies/supports

A list of local caregiver and community community service agencies/supports.

Mother facing away from the camera hugging a small child whose arm is around her neck.

Additional Resources

Caregiver Training: A free caregiver curriculum on FASD offered by the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

First Nation and Mètis Parents in Manitoba: Four parenting booklets grounded in Indigenous knowledge and traditional approaches 

FASD Services in Manitoba Resource ListA list of services available in Manitoba for FASD prevention, diagnosis, mental health, outreach and support, adults with FASD.

Related Research and Reports

Disability Policy in Canada: Federal Report
November 2023
Gives an overview of disability policy at the Federal level, including detailed information about disability-related policies, laws, plans of action, and programs/services. It also shares the experiences of those who are applying for and accessing federal programs.


Project Update: Trends in Alcohol and Substance Use
Image link to project update
Project Update: Experiences and Perspectives of Caregivers of Individuals with FASD
Image link to CARE Study infographic
Project Update: CARE Study: Caregiver Approaches, Resiliencies, and Experiences Raising Individuals with FASD