CanFASD wants your feedback!

FASD informed practice is crucial to effectively meet the needs of individuals living with FASD.

CanFASD is excited to be leading the Workforce Development Framework project to address the education and training gaps within ministries, community agencies, organizations and educational institutions. Addressing these gaps will ensure consistent and adequate training for those currently working with individuals with FASD but will also ensure that FASD informed knowledge is included in post secondary curriculums for those soon to be entering the workforce.

The completed Framework will include information on how to provide training and knowledge on FASD that is inclusive of different learners and audience groups, user friendly and accessible, and supports best practices within the field.

Join us in this important work by sharing your thoughts and insights on the training and education needs for those currently in or those entering the workforce by participating in the Workforce Development Framework Survey. The WDF Survey can be completed online at

Thank you in advance, we look forward to your responses!

Link to WDF Survey