Online Education Opportunities — A list of online education and training resources.  [updated 2020-11-05] is an interactive website that provides information across the spectrum and lifespan of individuals who have FASD. It summarizes some of the common neurobehavioral features from current research and explains some of the neurobehavioral difficulties. Not all individuals with FASD will experience all of the issues presented.

The site has an ages and stages interactive feature, as well as a wiki environment, that provides information on many of the life challenges individuals may face in areas such as health, education, life skills, housing, social relationships, employment, and mental health. Within the wiki environment, intervention options include: tips, resources, and links specific to each area of neurobehavioral challenge. was developed by CanFASD in conjunction with University of Alberta and Dr. Jacqueline Pei’s research team.

Caregiver Training –

POPFASD — — POPFASD shares current research, ideas, strategies, training and resources in order to build capacity in school districts for students with FASD and their teachers.